Tuan H.Bui, Owner/Photographer

Though I'm now based in Chicago and San Francisco, I was born in Sydney, Australia in 1983, in the year of the pig. I got my first camera when I was 8. That camera was all-plastic and “focus-free.” It was really great.

Decades later, I’ve been published in People, Food & Wine, Forbes, Front Desk, Michigan Avenue, and Chicago Social Brides magazines, among others, and I have photographed musicians and mixologists, archbishops and farmers, but my favorite subject is photographing people in love. After all this time, I’ve come to realize something — the best photographs reveal people’s true selves; and so, the best photographer isn’t the one with the best camera, or the most perfect lighting setup, although those things are important too — the best photographer is the one that can get his or her subject to express themselves naturally.

So that is what I try to do.

If you'd like to read a very long interview with me that digs deeper into why I do what I do, here's one from fellow wedding vendor Naturally Yours Events.

Adam Biba, Photographer

My focus in making pictures is on people. People bring life to an image in a way that excites me, and while shooting a wedding, I hunt a room for those moments between people laced with emotion - the ones that might only last an instant.

To capture those moments, I’ll partly use what I learned while studying photography at Columbia College Chicago. Mostly though, I draw from the experience of photographing scores of people laughing, crying, and loving each other. These special moments from couples over the years have become some of my most special times as well.

When I’m not shooting weddings, I often volunteer in a community non-profit print lab, as I believe strongly in printed images that have a life outside of pixels on a computer screen. I also have an affinity for photographing those close to me, my sister in particular, and love to travel and meet new people. While living abroad in Paraguay in high school I learned to speak Spanish, but my roots are in mid - Wisconsin, and my home has been Chicago since 2011.

Matt Allen, Photographer

I’m addicted to photography and everything about it from lighting, to composition, to emotion, to aesthetic! I’m always learning something new every time I pick up my camera to go shoot weddings, events, street photos or conceptual studio shoots. I grew up in Crystal Lake, IL and moved to the great Second City in 2013. I started learned photography by snapping pictures of friends and strangers on the street. Since then, I’ve photographed sororities nationally, snapped photos for Harley-Davidson, and have worked with numerous wedding photographers from across the country! I’m always pushing myself to grow as much as I can as an artist and photographer.

We are firm believers in marriage equality for all, and show it with our membership in STAND UP. As responsible global citizens, 10% of this company's profits, after taxes, are donated equally to Doctors Without Borders and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Finally, we have been part of the Green Wedding Alliance since 2012 (Tuan is a board member), and use the most eco-friendly method available in everything we do.

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