There is a bookstore on Michigan Avenue, and you would never find it without being told where it is. It is Selected Works, and it’s on the second floor of the Fine Arts building, which is just south of Van Buren St. The building has old-fashioned glass-door elevators, operated by a gosh-darn elevator operator, and the building itself predates the 20th century.

Selected Works has a fine assortment of used books – the specialties seem to be curated fiction, sheet music, poetry, and history. There is a small but good photography book section, and I regularly stop in to raid it for treasures.

Also, it is a superb location for a photo shoot! The model is Becca Choi and the wardrobe consisted of items created or found by Yvette Wesley.

BONUS: Hodge, the bookstore cat, was extremely interested in participating.