Anime Central is a huge anime-centric convention, with tens of thousands of attendees. It’s held every year, and there’s a dazzling array of costumed people that show up!

The effort some people put into their outfits is staggering. I was more interested in the people themselves that went, though, rather than their costumes. What drives a person to dress themselves up and make themselves up – sometimes extremely elaborately – in some fashion and line up for hours in frigid weather? I took headshots of some of the people that I met – through these portraits, the overwhelming emotion I sense is pure joy. This answer might be facile, but I think the simple answer is that doing this makes them genuinely happy! By and large everyone was exceedingly friendly and eager to have their portrait taken :) I’m definitely full of gratitude for having total strangers open up to me, just for a minute, allowing me to, well, do what I do.

To see all the photos, check out the mega gallery on facebook!